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Features and Benefits
300 AAC Blackout caliber
20-round box
220 grains
Made in USA
Caliber: 300 Blk
Number of rounds: 20
Pistol Ammo Type: Target
Grain weight: 220
What’s in the Box
Remington UMC 300 AAC Blackout 220-Grain Subsonic Rifle Cartridges
Important Product and Safety Information
You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. In ordering this product, you certify that you are of legal age and satisfy your jurisdiction’s legal requirements to purchase this product.
For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on ammunition. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm.
The sale or shipment of this product to residents of certain jurisdictions is prohibited. Check your local laws before ordering this product. Check your local laws for any other regulations.
We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

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5 reviews for 300 AAC BLACKOUT 150 GR FMJ MATCH FPS 1775 500 RDS

  1. Hannah


  2. Vallery G

    OK ammo, no miss fires. a little dirty , but not bad, steel casings will stick in chamber. good value

  3. Gabriel

    I’ll start with the odd stuff first… I shot this at the range today and found it to be extremely heavy on recoil… Like way more than my +P defensive load from federal in .300 AAC BLACKOUT 150 GR FMJ

    I dont know why because both loads have the same grain weight and similar advertised velocity but this ammo had WAY more recoil. I’m not sure if this was inconsistent loading from the factory but from reviews I have read online most people said it would be more likely to give you a squibb than being “hot” but I cannot see that being the case.

    If anyone else experiences this let me know because I am very curious.

    Other than that it was what I expected; difficulty extracting sometimes but decent accuracy. Leaves a good amount of fouling and residual material in the cylinder and on your hands.

    Shot from a SW442

  4. Hailey

    Every round of the 50 I fired shot just fine, and they weren’t even so dirty. However the steel casings do tend to expand, and in my J-frame this meant needing to brace the extractor on a metal partition and shove in order to extract about half of the casings, though in my Service Six this wasn’t as much of an issue. Every round shot just fine though.

  5. Christian

    As good as anyone else. fair price.

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