ABM Hunt Ready 338 Lapua 250gr Berger Match Elite Hunter

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ABM Hunt Ready 338 Lapua 250gr Berger Match Elite Hunter

UPC: 851020005090
Factory Number: 81060
Factory Number: ABM1081040
Factory Number: 1081040
Factory Number:
Factory Number:

7 reviews for ABM Hunt Ready 338 Lapua 250gr Berger Match Elite Hunter

  1. David

    So i buy a bulk of 500, for a decent price. Go to the range and get things loaded and ready for a good day of shootin’. Only to be frustrated with every 3-5 rounds out of 150(rds) not feeding correctly in each mag and I shoot a Glock23 with roughly 1000 rounds through it. And its very well maintained. Out of the 150 rounds ive shot I had 2 duds. Switched to other ammo had flawless feeds. Im steering away from this brand for good after I “Try” to go through the remaining 350!!!

  2. Fabrice

    Always a pleasure at reloading fire arms shop.

  3. Christopher

    Great price considering the recent jump in ammo sales. Fed beautifully thru a G23. No misfires. Felt good in the hand and didn’t seem to cause as much “jumpiness” as compared to other 180gr range ammos I’ve been using. Liked it so much I bought a bit more just prior to writing this review. You cannot go wrong with ABM Hunt Ready. You also cannot go wrong using reloading fire arms shop. This retailer is BY FAR the best thing to come along since sliced bread.

  4. Diego

    I have, about 5 different brands of ABM Hunt Ready and of all the brands, ABM Hunt Ready has the least difference in weight from cartridge to cartridge. A sign of quality control. Good stuff.

  5. Christopher

    The brass was in good shape with no rust. They looked new and with one misfired shell.

  6. Joel Morata

    This ammo fires clean and without any problems in both my Glock 22 and Glock 27. Delivery was very fast. Lowest price I could find anywhere. Only issue I had was that there was not the red primer seal as shown in the photos and video. I contacted reloading fire arms shop and they responded promptly, informing me that the mfr. had stopped applying the seal without informing them, so it’s apparently beyond their control. I will buy from reloading fire arms shop again.

  7. Ronald

    Great product at a great price. No problems at all with this ammo.

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