Glock 19 (Gen 5)

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Yes, it’s a new generation of Glocks… the Gen5!

Here is just a short list of the new features.

New Finish: Glock’s nDLC finish is tougher, more durable, and is on both the barrel and the slide.

New Barrel: Glock’s “Marksman” barrel feature new rifling for improved accuracy.

No Finger Grooves: Now your fingers go where they want to go… which is not necessarily where the finger grooves were.

Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever: Makes it easy to release the slide whether you’re shooting right or left handed.

Flared Magwell: Subtle but effective in quick reloads

7 reviews for Glock 19 (Gen 5)

  1. Vallery

    This firearm was purchased for a beginner revolver for My Wife and I to bring to the beginners gun range training course, and it was excellent… great price, value, accuracy.
    Ruger, all the way!
    Dennis ,Terri

  2. Morata

    These are fun guns to shoot. Pretty accurate to boot. They are however fairly rough operating especially the loading gate. Overall I’m pretty happy with them.

  3. Uriel

    I’ve had this revolver now for a couple of months and have been to the range a few times, I thought I was just allowing the gun to swing to the left when firing so I had a friend shoot it,(he’s been shooting handguns for much longer than myself), he had the exact same results as I did off to the left by about 4 to 5 inches, I guess I’ll have to send it to the ruger repair center and have them look it over, not impressed. tried to download a pic but didn’t work oh well. otherwise it’s a decent little gun if I can get it more accurate it should be a good little blinker.

  4. Phils

    My wife bought this for me for our anniversary. I love it. Fun too shoot and accurate..

  5. Charlotte

    This gun feels great and is really fun to shoot, will eat any ammo you pit in it. Will enjoy putting many rounds down the tube of this one. For the bargain price and quality, it is an easy decision to purchase, you will not be disappointed


    Haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet but it feels solid and well built.

  7. Tah Jomes

    Bought for wife and kids and it runs excellent. Very accurate and fun for the family.

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