Glock 19X (9mm)

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The 9mm Glock 19X is the first “crossover” Glock combining the features of the full-size G17 frame with the compact G19 slide into one perfect package!

7 reviews for Glock 19X (9mm)

  1. Vincent

    Bought this gun almost a year ago and have had so much fun! Looks like the cap gun Ihad as a kid! Have had zero issues with this firearm, but there was a couple flaws in the Cerakote finish, and I like my guns to look immaculate. Can’t seem to keep the hammer clean, don’t think its coated but seems to be stained from firing. Other than the couple issues I would buy again!

  2. Christopher

    I have to admit I bought the Benelli M4 shotgun because it looks really cool but also because of its reputation as a top shelf combat shotgun. This is what the
    Marines use after all.

  3. Joel Morata

    Very nice size and weight.
    Great quality for the money

  4. Stephen

    Gun does not jam at all. The fastest five shots you will ever fire!! Highly recommend!

  5. Damian

    I looked around at a lot of different shotguns and decided on the Franchi Affinity semi. I am glad I did ! I used it for the first time last weekend duck hunting and it worked flawlessly. Semi is the way to go !

  6. Dylan

    I wanted a .22LR pistol to teach people to shoot. I originally came into Cabela’s hoping to buy a Ruger Single Six but was shown one of these by the sales associate. Since then, my friends and I have put roughly 1000 rounds through it over the last 12 months, and I have used it to teach five people how to shoot handguns. One of the great features of using a single-action revolver to teach people to shot is that it dramatically decreases the odds of accidental discharges. In addition to this Ruger’s transfer bar safety, you do not need to worry about it being dropped on a loaded cylinder either. The notch sights are adequate, the Cerakote finish has held up well, and it has shot every type of ammunition I have put into it (one of the benefits of a .22lr revolver over a semi-auto). My only complaint with the revolver is that I was unable to pull the hammer back occasionally after closing the gate. This was caused by the cylinders not being correctly aligned after loading the gun. To correct this, you simply rotate the cylinders until they lock into the correct position, then pull the hammer back to shoot. This does not need to be done every shot, only occasionally for the first shot after loading. In addition to this, the gate on these are very tight and can be a little cumbersome to open, but this problem is mainly expressed by smaller shooters.

  7. Caleb

    In brief, this shotgun is simply amazing! Perfectly reliable and I have used it a LOT on clay targets (very easy to break clays with this thing!!) and I even shot my first Spring turkey with it a couple months ago. It drills turkeys at 55 yards with the right choke and load (HEVI-Shot choke and HEVI-13 Magnum Blend)!

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