New!Volquartsen NV-22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle With Gray Magpul Stock

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Aim for impeccable precision performance with the Volquartsen® NV-22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle with Gray Magpul® Stock. Featuring a lightweight, Type 3 hard anodized aluminum receiver and a featherweight, threaded carbon-wrapped THM UltraLite™ barrel, this rifle delivers tack-driving performance and precision, ideal for small game hunting and competitive shooting. The tensioned, carbon-fiber wrapped barrel boasts superb, sub-MOA performance accuracy with minimal weight, while an anodized aluminum forward blow compensator virtually eliminates recoil for fast follow-up shots. The aluminum receiver boasts an integrated 1913 Picatinny rail, readily accepting a variety of optics, while the lightweight 2.25 lb. TG2000 trigger offers consistent, steady, dependable performance. Constructed of glass-reinforced polymer, the Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock features an adjustable length of pull and comb height for optimal fit and a 60° grip angle for improved ergonomics and control. M-LOK™ slots readily accept a variety of aftermarket accessories and sling mounts, while a non-slip, rubberized buttpad ensures a comfortable fit and finish, as well as further reduced recoil for optimal precision. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: VC22RM-G.

  • Carbon-wrapped and threaded THM UltraLite barrel
  • Type 3 hard anodized aluminum receiver
  • Sub-MOA performance accuracy
  • Anodized aluminum forward blow compensator
  • Integrated 1913 Picatinny rail
  • 2.25 lb. TG2000 trigger
  • Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock
  • M-LOK slots
  • Non-slip, rubberized buttpad
  • Adjustable LOP and comb height
  • Improved ergonomics and control

3 reviews for New!Volquartsen NV-22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle With Gray Magpul Stock

  1. Sarah

    I was worried about the P22Q based on a lot of individuals online claiming that this pistol is finicky with ammo. I’ve put ~350 rounds though it so far, and have had maybe two jams, and nothing that cycling the action didn’t immediately fix (so the issue was ammo, not the gun). I’m shooting cheap, but high velocity, rounds. Gun handles great, field strips easy, and feels solid.
    My only issue with the P22Q are the sights; they aren’t great and to adjust elevation you have to replace the front post, which requires removing the slide.

  2. Henry

    I almost never fire lead bullets through my 22 pistols but tried a few rounds (30-40 to be exact) through my Walther P22Q just to see. Did not have the first problem. Love the size of this pistol. Closer to a compact than a full size, but is still big enough to hang onto and fells really good in my hand.

  3. Walter

    Recently I purchased a Walther P22 from Cabela’s/Bass Pro and not only do I love this most recent addition to my family, the online shopping experience was excellent! So much in fact I am now proud member of the Cabela’s/Bass Pro program!

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