Ruger 10/22 Sporter Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

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The Ruger® 10/22® is one of the most popular, and widely used rimfire rifles in the US. And justifiably so—the 10/22 has had a solid reputation for reliability and accuracy for over 50 years, making it a favorite for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting. The 10/22 Sporter comes with a finely finished, walnut stock with cut checkering. The stock has a flat buttplate with a non-slip rubber pad, no barrel band on the fore-end, and sling swivels. The barrel is blued black, and the receiver finished in satin black. The 10/22 utilizes a blowback semi-auto action, and a 10-shot rotary magazine, both of which are legendary for reliability. The hammer-forged barrel locks into the receiver by a unique 2-screw, V-block system that provides unsurpassed accuracy for rimfire rifles. The Sporter model comes with a fine, gold bead front sight and an adjustable, folding rear sight. The included scope base screws onto the drilled and tapped receiver, and is compatible with both Weaver®-style and 3/8″ tip-off scope rings. An extended magazine release allows for rapid reloading. The Ruger 10/22 Sporter is a deluxe model of the famous 10/22 Carbine, well suited for adults serious about shooting and hunting with a Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle, and who appreciate the fine lines and fit of its elegant walnut stock. Made in USA.

  • Utilizes a blowback sem-auto action and a 10-shot rotary magazine
  • Hammer-forged barrel locks into the receiver by a unique 2-screw, V-block system
  • Gold bead front sight and an adjustable, folding rear sight
  • Included scope base screws onto the drilled and tapped receiver

5 reviews for Ruger 10/22 Sporter Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle

  1. Kayla

    I purchased gun online and picked up from the store. Took it home and disassembled it to clean and lubricate the slide Ran two mags through it SA wo any hiccups. Tried to shoot it DA and it wouldn’t fire. Pulled the trigger and the hammer was cocked but never would fall. Researched problem online and saw other reviews having the same problem. I thought that the p22q was supposed to be an improvement over the p22. I guess the rumors are true about walther selling out to umarex. Not the same quality as before. Good thing they have a 30 day shoot it love it buy it warranty bc I’ll definitely be sending it back so I can get my money back to.

  2. George

    I absolutely love the P22Q, no more jamming of rounds. Cycles smoothly with both the high velocity and suppressed rounds well! Plus the extra back straps a great bonus!

  3. Eric

    I’ve had this for a few months and it’s great when it works. I love the look and feel. It’s very picky with ammo though and tends to only work with very specific ones. I’ve had a bunch of failures with Winchester high velocity, Herters. With the ammo shortage it makes it harder to use this thing. Will probably sell or trade eventually but it works for now. They really should figure that out for future walther 22 models.

  4. Yvonne

    Had our P22 Gen2 for a few months and we love it. Didn’t order from this website but wanted to say our experience has been great. 350+ through it and no issues other then ammo itself not firing.

  5. David

    Picked up this Walther as a trainer/range gun for myself and my boys. While not the cheapest 22 pistol out there, the feel is very close to my EDC 9mm PPS M2, and the ammo is way less expensive. It’s a bit picky, but if premium ammo like CCE (or similar) is used, you’ll have no FTF or FTEs. The P22Q is about as accurate as any short barrel pistol. Great gun at a good price.

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